We moved to Dilijan

Travel, Life
Posted Sat Mar 19 2022

Following the war in Ukraine in Armenia a particular situation has arisen which deserves a moment of attention...

In Turkey

Photography, Travel
Posted Sun Feb 20 2022

Between Istanbul and Diyarbakir...

The idea behind my business logo

Posted Wed Feb 02 2022

I am not a graphic designer, but sometimes I am totally in tune with what I create. In this article I want to expose the process behind creating my business logo....

Scrolling effects for web pages with CSS transformation and javascript, a theoretical introduction

Web design, Information technology
Posted Thu Dec 02 2021

This is an introduction to the development of animations for HTML pages, using one of the most common techniques and modern tools of CSS....

Call parent component from child component in SvelteKit

SvelteKit, Information technology
Posted Tue Nov 30 2021

Sooner or later you need to call the function of a parent component from a child component, for example to pass data. I think in SvelteKit it is perhaps the easiest way I have focused....

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