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I've always wondered what are the things I love to do the most. Then over time I found that it doesn't matter what I'm doing, the important thing is that I'm creating harmony, and that's what I like to do. I am professionally a computer programmer, but when possible I also deal with other things, especially photography.


REACT + Nodejs  
SvelteKit ♥  

Additional tools: GIT, Github, Bitbucket, Gulp, SASS, 2D physics, Linux, EasyPHP, Python, Visual Studio IDE, Box2d physics engine, Node js, WebAudio, OpenGL

University Alma Mater Studioroum | Department of arts, music and entertainment - cinema - Bologna
Languages Italian, English, French
Thesis Characters of the american film noir, from the Maltese Falcon to L.A. Noire


Favourite quote

Only the hand that erases
can write the true thing - Meister Eckhart

Featured articles

Duedo - my first 2D game engine

Posted Mon Nov 15 2021

duedo, html5, canvas

I can't consider myself a strong gamer, but the desire to know how a video game works has always attracted me.

For this reason 5 years ago I started developing a framework, using many existing guides and engines, trying to understand how they work.

Following my first game, I started to take it seriously and I decided to develop my own 2D framework, this would have given me the opportunity to keep updating myself to extend its potential. In other words, I would have been forced to study.

Hence the idea of Duedo, a small framework based on HTML5 canvas that I have not yet documented, but which is giving me great satisfaction.

Why do I decide to speak only now? Some time ago I was asked by a client to develop a small 2D application, the complexity of which required something more than usual HTML and CSS. I immediately took the opportunity to put a suspended project back on its feet, completing it with a physics engine (Box2D) and writing the code for the missing parts. Today Duedo is an almost complete project that I am improving over time.

Among its features:

  1. Sound manager
  2. Can preload and play: mp3, wav, ogg, mp4
  3. Dynamic sounds: you can give a world location to the sound: smanager.Play("soundname").SetLocation(x, y);
  4. Callbacks for every sound playing
  5. Google speech recognition to trigger vocal commands inside your game
  6. Events
  7. Set customized events based on time (like a spaceship that appear every 10 seconds or by a random value)
  8. Give to each element a customizable lifetime
  9. Handle objects temporary modifications
  10. StateManager
  11. Create your own game states (menu, menu2, gameplay, menu3)
  12. Animations
  13. Animate the properties of a graphic object (mysprite.Animate( { prop:val }, time, "Linear"))
  14. Bind customized callbacks to the animations
  15. Input and interactions manager
  16. Keyboard
  17. Mouse
  18. Customizable input properties
  19. Handle pointer events: like dragging or click or pointerover, pointerup ...
  20. Particle System
  21. Spritesheets and image rendering
  22. Geometry and math support
  23. Parallax
  24. Box2D Physics engine
  25. Tilemap: to develop

Why I started an IT company in Armenia

Posted Wed Jun 30 2021
Armenia’s primary goal is to have a favorable environment for investors and businesses

If you work online, this would be a great choice, and I'll tell you why.

Among the many countries that offer interesting facilities for foreign investors, Armenia represents an excellent solution for those who are thinking of opening a company abroad, especially for digital nomads. I'll tell you my experience. I found myself in this country with the intention of studying the Duduk, the traditional Armenian instrument, but over the months I was lucky enough to learn about business incentives thanks to some Armenians who, invited by an US return program (aimed at contributing to the return of the Armenian diaspora to their country of origin), were in turn thinking of starting a business in their own country. Well, I immediately realized that what began as a simple study trip might have turned into a career choice with very interesting implications. I was initially very skeptical, given my lack of knowledge in terms of economics and business. But this did not demotivate me, on the contrary, I then subsequently decided to investigate the matter through an Armenian lawyer to understand something more, and actually I had the opportunity to directly see that these incentives exist, and the possibility of doing business in this country it is truly real, motivating and facilitated.

What did I do to get started?

The first thing was to find an accountant who speaks English, and I found this through my real estate agency (where I rented the house). Levon was very kind in pointing me to the right accountant for my needs. I am very grateful to him.

In turn, my accountant guided me through the opening of the company, which turned out to be extremely simple. We went to the State Register Agency of Legal Entities of Armenia and within 20 minutes I was already holding the documents certifying the opening of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) at the price of 0 dollars and there are no minimum share capitals needed... (electronic registration is also available on ). In the same office you can obtain the company's seal.

After the opening of the company, I got the social number at the OVIR office in exactly 5 minutes. The social number is a useful security identifier to easily identify the taxpayer.

The third and final step was to get a bank account. This has been the longest procedure, but it's just a matter of waiting. Justified by the presence of my company, I was able to open a business account reserved for investors at one of the many Armenian banks, including Home Banking and Visa (or Mastercard) and 5 current accounts: EUR, RUB, DRAM, DOLLARS and EUR card account (the card account is actually isolated from the others and in order to use the ATM's you need to transfer from one of your accounts to the card account to add liquidity).

After that, I was ready to invoice. Now, let's move on to the point

How much taxes do I pay?

When it comes to my position as a freelance computer programmer, there are four mandatory fees for my business, 3 of them are fixed and only one is variable.

The fixed ones are:

  • 23% on a fixed minimum amount of 93000 dram (around 43 dollars)
  • Again on a fixed minimum of 93000 drams, the 2.5% which represents the social tax
  • The fixed military tax, equivalent to 1500 dram for 2021

Finally, the only dynamic tax is 5% for IT startups that operate with foreign customers. Starting from 1 January 2020, dividends received by both resident and non-resident organisations from Armenian sources are taxed at 5%. 

The total is therefore 25,000 dram per month + 5% on dividends.

This regime applies to annual revenues that do not exceed 11.5 billion drams, or around 230 thousand dollars.

You want an example? On 1000 dollars you are going to pay 100 dollars in taxes + around 35 dollars for the accountant + 2 dollars for bank's commissions.

Double taxation treaties

Armenia has double taxation treaties with 46 countries. The benefits of these treaties are easily accessible by providing supporting documentation of residency from foreign tax authorities.

Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, UAE, United Kingdom.


If you are asking yourself the same questions I asked myself, in the meantime I could answer some of these. Am I obliged to have employees? The answer is no. What is my income? My income is directly represented by the company's dividends, which I can use at any time. Are there different taxes if I hire workers? The personal income of each employee will be taxed at 23%.

Are you an IT specialist?

If you are an IT professional do not hesitate to deepen the subject. The incentives are real and Armenia's main goal is to create a favorable environment for investors. The IT industry is booming in Armenia and the manpower present in the country is willing and ready.

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