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Kornidzor: the life 400 meters away from the border

Posted Mon Apr 10 2023
Updated Tue Apr 11 2023

In April 2022 we decided to reach the eastern border of Armenia, specifically the village of Kornidzor. This village did not have any border with Azerbaijan before, but after the 2020 war of the Nagorno-Karabakh it ended up having the longest border. The azeri's flag is visible 400 meters away from the last house of the village, and automatically creates tension between the villagers, disturbing the peace that always characterised this very simple town of farmers. For this reason we tried to deepen the situation by getting closer to the life inside the village and collect some information that would be interesting to know in order to get a more completed idea about what's happening these days in Armenia.

For a general introduction to the 44 days war of Nagorno-Karabakh that started in September 2020 i refer you to this post

The documentary is available on Youtube

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