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We moved to Dilijan

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Posted Sat Mar 19 2022
Updated Sun Mar 20 2022
In Yerevan nowadays for a forty square meter apartment you may pay up to 1300 dollars.

The war in Ukraine is creating unexpected situations. And like all of you I'm sure nothing good will come of it. Personally I can tell you what is happening in Armenia these days, because I am still here. As we know, Western sanctions to Russia have affected banking transactions, which is why many professionals in Russia are no longer able to receive money from the European continent. These conditions have generated a huge migratory flow of Russian citizens to Armenia, and many of these are computer programmers, or professionals in the IT sector in smart working. They come here to open bank and company accounts.

Russian is spoken here and it is a friendly nation, with excellent relations with Russia. It is certainly the best choice for those who have decided to emigrate.

But Yerevan is suddenly overcrowded, it is difficult even to find seats in an ordinary cafe. Rental prices have tripled. Cases are not uncommon in which landlords decide to kick out tenants or raise prices for those who already have a contract. For a forty square meter apartment you may pay up to 1300 dollars.

These were the reasons that prompted us to move out of Yerevan, and we did it just in time.

In Dilijan we now live in an independent house, not too isolated, 2km from the first available supermarket. Snow falls here constantly, and sometimes the road becomes impassable for cars and taxis. But at the moment that's what we need, a moment of peace to understand what to do tomorrow. I feel that Armenia could become a major hub for IT professionals, and thanks to its tax system it will not be difficult for this country to profit from the presence of so much specialized migratory flows.

Russian developers are highly skilled, as are Armenian developers. This is a historic moment for the country. We are all curious to see how the situation will be handled.

The Armenian economic situation has always been in enormous difficulty, but this moment could be an important turning point.

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