I was born in the deep south of Italy during a shining full moon of July. I spent my youth in adventures and transformations of character attending environments that were always very different from each other. Dragged by impetuous currents always in search of something, not very busy at school. Then I discovered Baudelaire, and having found understanding, I liked it.

I enrolled in the art, music and entertainment department of Bologna. During my studies I accidentally discovered computer programming and I studied it in parallel with my university course. I liked it and I got good. After graduating in arts 15 days later I was already hired, but as a programmer. Since that time I have never left the industry, I specialized in PWA development and I had experience in Tunisia as a team leader. I liked the experience abroad, I started to get interested in the history of the Mediterranean and gained awareness. I travelled slowly. I liked it. I discovered the immense beauty of my roots and fell in love with the world.

Today I am professionally a computer programmer, but it is not certain that I cannot take care of other things as well.