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Frontend Development for Campari Group's Business Plan Creation Software

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Posted Sun Jan 14 2024
Updated Sun Jan 14 2024

I am excited to share with you the details of the frontend application development project that I spearheaded for the esteemed Campari Group. The focus of this project was the creation of a comprehensive software dedicated to crafting business plans.


The primary objective of the software is to empower Campari Group with a robust tool for the seamless creation of business plans. These plans serve as critical roadmaps for strategic decision-making and growth within the company.

Technologies Utilized

In order to achieve a modern, responsive, and user-friendly interface, I employed cutting-edge technologies in the development process:

UX Optimization

A significant aspect of my work involved delving into various elements of User Experience (UX). The goal was to enhance the interaction between users and the software, optimizing the flow of data and structuring information in an intuitive manner.

Form Complexity

The software incorporates a myriad of forms, each varying in complexity. These forms are carefully designed to cater to the diverse needs of Campari Group, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for generating business plans.

User Types

To accommodate the diverse roles within the organization, the software caters to three distinct user types. This ensures that each user has access to functionalities tailored to their specific responsibilities, streamlining the overall workflow.

Authentication with AWS Cognito

Security and user authentication are paramount. For this purpose, I implemented AWS Cognito to manage user authentication seamlessly. This cloud-based service ensures a secure and scalable authentication process, aligning with industry best practices.


In conclusion, the development of Campari Group's business plan creation software was a comprehensive undertaking that seamlessly integrates advanced technologies, user-centric design principles, and secure authentication mechanisms. The end result is a powerful tool that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of Campari Group, providing them with a reliable solution for their business planning needs.