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Take a cold shower

Posted Thu Jul 15 2021
Updated Wed Jul 21 2021

When you discover something already known it says "you have discovered hot water!" But I discovered cold water, so? ...

For the Spartans it was a sign of strength to wash themselves with cold water. The result? They didn't get as sick as you think ... they beat the Persians.

I have been taking cold showers every day for 2 years now. It all started because I have always had the nasty habit of taking a very hot shower, but really very hot. Which is why every time I finished washing, I felt depressed and weak, the body felt spoiled and sluggish. So one day I said to myself: maybe it will be the fault of the hot shower if I feel so down? And I tried to make it cold, to study the effects it would have on my body and my days.

Little by little, I noticed that the feeling of a clouded mind vanished. Then I noticed the mood changes (I have to say that by the time you get out of the shower, you already feel proud for having done something great). The occasional feeling of depression has vanished entirely. I started to love the cold in all its facets, which makes me independent of the temperature. For the Spartans it was a sign of strength to wash themselves with cold water.

Then there are people who tell me: no you get sick with cold water! And you have to answer them: then humanity would have already disappeared, since the first water was always cold.

But I continue to perceive the results of this choice even today, so intense that I have no longer used hot water (except in special cases, like after a meal). I want to list some points that seemed to me to be the most significant:

  1. Suffering from slightly low blood pressure, the cold shower helped me balance.
  2. I feel a lot of energy during the day and late into the night
  3. The mood is much better (but it doesn't help you to be less shy)
  4. Your self-control is tested, and therefore improved, it is very useful for creating mental stamina as well
  5. Fewer sick days (or nothing at all)
  6. Self respect is improved
  7. The cold makes you feel fresh and clean more than the hot water
  8. If thoughts eat your head, a cold shower is a strong action that distracts the mind and makes you feel more capable of change.

And then, lastly, it would seem that the cold shower is useful for strengthening the immune defenses. This is not yet certified, but there are many studies and statistics about it.

I want to emphasize that this is not a placebo effect, because no one has ever advised me to take a cold shower. Everything I perceived I understood with experimentation, and nowhere I haver ever read this information before starting the practice.

Try it. It costs nothing, it is even cheaper than heat, but start gradually and always with the legs.