Travel photography



Overlooking from the Ribat of Sousse


A corner of Yazd, an ancient city mostly made of hard mud which has been kept in good condition. Yazd was once an important center of the Zoroastrianism. Now is well know for its beautiful carpets, textiles, handicrafts and its great production of handmade sweets.






Esfahan, Iran, inside the Si-o-se Pol bridge






In the Medina




Diyarbakir (Amed)  

Blacksmith relaxing


Friends coming from different cultural and religious backgrounds. Kurds, Turks, Syrians, Arabs, Muslims and Christians sharing an ancient respect. Eastern turkey is an interesting melting-pot of ethnicities living outside the political preconceptions.

DIyarbakir (Amed)  

Ulu Camii,639 d.C


Abdullah spends his time accompanying tourists without asking for anything in return. He has always lived in Hasankeyf and they say he loves walking at night.

Eskikele, province of Mardin  

Child climbing the pole and girl