Iran is still my favorite country in terms of style and environment. This country is the ancient Persia of which has remained the legendary aura, the land of lustful kings and immense ambitions. Once the capital of the world, it has been enriched thanks to the commercial and cultural transit of which it has been center. Homeland of poets and mystics, of eternal sacred fires and incommensurable elegances. It is a country in which one must continually return.


Amir Chakhmaq complex, Yazd


A corner of Yazd, an ancient city mostly made of hard mud which has been kept in good condition. Yazd was once an important center of the Zoroastrianism. Now is well know for its beautiful carpets, textiles, handicrafts and its great production of handmade sweets.


"Books, books, books, everywhere books here in Iran!"


Morshed, the master of the ceremony of the Zurkhaneh (the house of strength)


Fabric of vases, Esfahan


Fabric of vases, Esfahan



Esfahan, Iran, inside the Si-o-se Pol bridge


Hierarchs and history of all the descendants of Ali. To the left a book on Sufism.




Corridors of Yazd


Actress. In Iran classical arts are still important. In addition to poetry, theater and music are inextricably linked to common life



A street of the old Esfahan


A woman sleeping on the ground inside one of the biggest gardens of Shiraz. The city (once the capital of Persia) is full of botanical gardens of great beauty and sophistication.