Hasankeyf, last whispers

Hasankeyf is a very ancient city, a fundamental stop on the Silk Road, over the centuries it has been crossed by Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Turks but now, the construction of a dam a few meters from here threatens its existence. Hasankeyf in fact, will be submerged and only the tip of his minaret will survive drowning.

Scraper at work, Tigris  

Scraper at work. The works prevent access to the archaeological and ancient sites of the village.


Abdullah spends his time accompanying tourists without asking for anything in return. He has always lived in Hasankeyf and they say he loves walking at night.




The castle is inaccessible due to work in progress


Lights of Hasankeyf  

The city will be submerged, its lights will go out forever under a veil of water by the Tigris river